Evidently, here are the reasons why identification for children is very important!

Evidently, here are the reasons why identification for children is very important!
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  1. Traditionally, special educational needs were often defined in terms of child deficits. Recently, there has been a tendency to define pecial educational needs in terms of (additional) support needed in the classroom. However, little is known about how teachers define students with special educational needs (Bruggink et al., 2013).
  2. It is an error to limit empirical evidence for treatments to only randomized clinical trials, which have the weakness of masking individual differences (Koegel et al., 2014). 
  3. Children attending highly disadvantaged school contexts are far more likely to be identified with behavioural problems and less likely to be identified with learning disabilities than children with similar characteristics attending other schools (McCoy et al., 2012). 
  4. Teachers feel dilemma without a consequences of identifying children as having a disability or a special educational need (Norwich, 2009). 
  5. School personnel did not find it easy to sort out and assess ‘special educational needs’, and that the identification of such needs were conditioned upon resources available for the schools (Isaksson et al., 2010). 
  6. Educators saw dilemmas associated with the identification, common curriculum and integration (Norwich,1993).
  7. Early identification of at risk factors for disabilities was ignored and there is minimal or no collaboration in the assessment procedures for learners. This has an adverse effect on the cognitive attainment and social or behavioural development on the child (Mensah et al., 2016). 
  8. Whatever the difficulty, more can be done for children if help is sought earlier than later in their school careers, therefore the earliest possible identification is essential. Some factors on their own will not indicate a cause for concern but along with others might help to build up a more complete picture of a child’s difficulties and, in some instances, to suggest causes for these difficulties (Lindsay, 2007).
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