Imagine what Thrills Your Heart

Day dreaming may have a bad reputation for some, but it is really not lazy leasure. It is nothing but the purposeful use of imagination, it’s truly a creative faculty, a powerful tool of manifestation.

Imagine what Thrills Your Heart
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It can be done in different forms, through vizualisations, imagination, journaling, or with guided meditations. It’s using the natural ability of the mind to imagine and get transported to a different reality of our mental creation.

Sure, day dreaming is not a substitute to taking action and striving in life for our goals. Nothing ever happens before we take committed actions. Nonetheless, imagining and vizualising the world we desire is key to taking the right purposeful actions.

🎨 Think of a painter staring at a white canvas. Would the painter not have a picture in their mind of what they want to draw, before hitting their brush on the canvas?

✍️ Think of an architect who is designing a beautiful home on an empty land. Would the architect not imagine this home in their mind first, before drawing the architectural sketches?

🎵 Think of a musician who is composing a song. Would the musician not hear the melody in their mind first, before translating it into musical notes?

Well it’s the same for life.

Think of your life in 1 year, or 5 years, or a decade.

Is it not like a white canvas? An empty land? A yet to-be composed song?

Is it not unknown, uncreated, unwritten, not yet manifest?

So.. what’s the use of rushing into taking actions, pursuing goals, creating plans, without having a vision of what life you want to create at the first place?

Yes we can’t see the future, and we can’t know the unknown.. but we can imagine it!

We can creatively design it, artistically compose it, beautifully write it.. in our minds!

And if we love what we imagine, it will drive us.

It will give us strength, energy, and a sense of purpose.

It will allow our actions, plans and goals to head in the same direction.

And then, with persistence, dedication, and grace, who knows our vision may well come to life!

So my dear friends.. take time to day-dream.

Make it an art.

Find a spot that inspires you.

Add music that cheers you up.

And fly in your mind to exquisite places that enchant you.

Dare to imagine what thrills your heart.

Written by Jihad Saad

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